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The Official Music Video Jedward – Hologram #JedwardHologram

12:05pm Oct 21 2016 —

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#JedwardHologram Music video No.1 in UK! Ireland! Sweden! Denmark! and No.2 in Hong Kong! Thank U Team Jedward ✌🏼️

9:58pm Oct 15 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: Tweet #JedwardHologram Check out our new song we created

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The Official Music Video for Jedward – Hologram – #JedwardHologram

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Tweet #JedwardHologram Check out our new song we created

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Download Our New Single HOLOGRAM and Tweet #JedwardHologram
with a Picture or Video of U Rocking Out!…

11:09pm Oct 13 2016 —

Enough is enough

I miss our chemistry

And how it felt back then

Making sweet memories #jedwardhologram

11:07pm Oct 13 2016 —

I need to Love you now

But your a Hologram


11:02pm Oct 13 2016 —

Your silhouette is fading while

My heart is breaking tell me what to do

Tell me how to stop shaking? #JedwardHologram

11:02pm Oct 13 2016 —

Now we reached at a point of no return
And turning back for you aint a option


11:01pm Oct 13 2016 —

i know that I’m in trouble
Cause i feel this pain

11:01pm Oct 13 2016 —

I got all nostalgic feelings
Running through my veins

11:00pm Oct 13 2016 —

Once a upon a kiss we had it all
But now we’re just memory in a bottle

11:00pm Oct 13 2016 —

I’m on my knees
Praying i do believe
and calling out for you
Won’t you acknowledge me

10:56pm Oct 13 2016 —

Where did your heart go?

It don’t make any sense

I’ve been reaching out

But you reject my attempt..


10:55pm Oct 13 2016 —

10 Minutes to GO #JedwardHologram

10:52pm Oct 13 2016 —

@JedsTourMusic soooooooooooooooooon Very Soon #JedwardHologram

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@ryw14 amazing you know what you doing your dancing like nobody is watching and that is what it’s all about #JedwardHologram

8:36pm Sep 23 2016 —

@daphnatweets tell your mom we say hello we know how much she likes guys with green eyes #JedwardHologram

8:22pm Sep 23 2016 —

@Homosaregay just have to say you hair is amazing and suits you #Killingit #RipPinkblondeHair #JedwardHologram

8:21pm Sep 23 2016 —

@jenniferek I think we might just do that and share the hologram story with everyone #JedwardHologram

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@MarilinSal how is life in the big apple 🍎 did Snow White deliver you 🍏. And yeah u had so many pears lastnight🍐#JedwardHologram

8:18pm Sep 23 2016 —

@TereseOlofsson that is awesome news nothing like getting something you have been waiting for it always feels so 007 #JedwardHologram

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@xAmandaFx you said it I didn’t 🐯 still feel for you over the whole #Brangelina thing #JedwardHologram

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@bethany_alicia that’s a great way to put things can I be apart of this squad 🙂 🐷🐽🐷🐽 night #JedwardHologram

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@purstinger that’s Great to hear happy for you @WorldOfBlaze and @FijiMouse and are happy aswell running all over the place #JedwardHologram

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@Elena_r_n miss you to your so creative and we saw your free spirit shirt and all your amazing face paints #JedwardHologram

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@ProudOfJamieL okay pack your bags we’re leaving in 1hr for the delorean and don’t forget your Hover Board #JedwardHologram

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