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@NiallOfficial Are you gonna rock the @CapitolRecords Tower in Hollywood #askniall

10:20pm May 4 2017 —

@NiallOfficial where do you see yourself in 15 years from now? #askniall

10:16pm May 4 2017 —

@NiallOfficial What’s the artwork like for your debut album #askniall

10:12pm May 4 2017 —

@NiallOfficial Hey Niall what are you dressing up for Halloween! #askniall

9:15pm Oct 26 2016 —

@NiallOfficial Hey Niall do you remember coming up with your autograph #askniall

8:51pm Oct 26 2016 —

@NiallOfficial #askniall Hey Niall What town is This town about!! All the best

8:48pm Oct 26 2016 —