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@sforsavagery Ok wow we will get on it what a tweet 😘

in reply to sforsavagery — 11:33pm Jul 3 2020 —

@kisstoviolins @damonalbarnsimp Hello it’s your Irish kings 🤴🏼🤴🏼
Royal vibes to You 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼

in reply to kisstoviolins — 11:31pm Jul 3 2020 —

@kymmieK84 Hi Kim!! Looking like Snow White you are a Disney princess 👑 hugs and everything great to u xxx

in reply to kymmieK84 — 11:31pm Jul 3 2020 —

@fluffvk Hi to your Mam she’s obviously Jepic 🙌🏼❤️

in reply to fluffvk — 11:30pm Jul 3 2020 —

@SoniaRosexo Obviously we have to be just for u Sonia ❤️💕 hope everyone is sleeping and U have some time to yourself ☺️

in reply to SoniaRosexo — 11:29pm Jul 3 2020 —

@sunlighttem Wow 🤩 Emily thanks for the that ☺️ sweet dreams to you and keep rocking it in Limerick 💚

in reply to sunlighttem — 11:27pm Jul 3 2020 —

@jmehld Jamie Mr Blue eyes good night to u 🙌🏼

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@xEmmaBoo Emma Boo 🙌🏼❤️😘 Happy Happy bday 🤩 celebration hugs and good vibes to you 💕

in reply to xEmmaBoo — 11:22pm Jul 3 2020 —

@rachyl_eliza_ Yeah we need to get making more Pancakes 🥞 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼 syrup all over sweet af

in reply to rachyl_eliza_ — 11:20pm Jul 3 2020 —

@_catherineeeeex Thank u Catherine 😘😍 nighty night happy to see u xx

in reply to _catherineeeeex — 11:19pm Jul 3 2020 —

Cause I see you strut your stuff
when you walk in the room and I’m right here enjoying the view 😏 Yeah I can taste…

11:01pm Jul 3 2020 —

@MeInW0nderland @JepicHQ Thanks Melissa 💕 Omg your profile photo curls are looking incredible

in reply to MeInW0nderland — 10:33pm Jul 3 2020 —

@toffeefountain Wow look at your cat and his orange 🍊such a cutie nighty night

in reply to toffeefountain — 10:26pm Jul 3 2020 —

@GemmaTweddell Yes fingers crossed it’s all set with Universal Distribution 🙌🏼

in reply to GemmaTweddell — 10:24pm Jul 3 2020 —

@demicullenx Thanks Demi 💕 Hope it’s chill in Cavan are u all set for the night

in reply to demicullenx — 10:23pm Jul 3 2020 —

@ideksoph Born in 1991 Vibes John and Ed Jepic vibes

in reply to ideksoph — 10:23pm Jul 3 2020 —

@SherryHK Sherry hope u are safe!! Sending u love and support to u in Hong Kong ❤️

in reply to SherryHK — 10:22pm Jul 3 2020 —

@PlanetRacole Her names is Arielle! Awesome girl with a great smile 😊

in reply to PlanetRacole — 10:21pm Jul 3 2020 —

@Jedicatedmollyx Yeah loved the neon lights and vibe definitely a Pinky wonderland 💕😘

in reply to Jedicatedmollyx — 10:20pm Jul 3 2020 —

You got me all charged up with pure emotion a passion running deeper than the ocean and I can’t get enough of your…

10:15pm Jul 3 2020 —

insta live at 10:15

8:32pm Jul 1 2020 —

@Jessi_hiccup @JepicHQ thanks so much for that ʟʋʍiηoʋs Jɛssi so kind of you to say its crazy how many people we ha…

in reply to Jessi_hiccup — 8:21pm Jul 1 2020 —

@xJameelah @JepicHQ Yes JamiIa nice to see you going around exploring like your on the national geographic channel x

in reply to xJameelah — 8:17pm Jul 1 2020 —

@o_O_MaNdY_O_o love your smile

in reply to o_O_MaNdY_O_o — 8:15pm Jul 1 2020 —

@bradiehern Loving these photos awww we all look like retro legends and they bring a big nostalgic smile seeing these miss you Bradie

in reply to bradiehern — 8:14pm Jul 1 2020 —

@belindacostello @JepicHQ Be Careful Belinda don’t get blown away 🙂 Aww but its nice to see you out and about get…

in reply to belindacostello — 8:12pm Jul 1 2020 —

@staniagrzx Amazing Stania Happy you got to take in that wonderful scenic View 😉 and share it with us x big hugs to you

in reply to staniagrzx — 8:10pm Jul 1 2020 —

@PlanetLadyVenus Love You Tatyana thanks for always popping up like a little magical Fairy when we least expect it…

in reply to PlanetLadyVenus — 8:08pm Jul 1 2020 —

@JDBIEBERFEVER96 @JepicHQ Greetings from Finland 🇫🇮🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼 Christmas there would be incredible we will get booking our flights

in reply to JDBIEBERFEVER96 — 8:43am Jul 1 2020 —

@InnocentAnniina But Then the other person can’t move cuz they might wake you up! And all u can hear is a heart bea…

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