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@imcalledvanessa Y’all are best friends with Taylor swift we see! So happy for our mutual friend what an Iconic legend

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@lisanunnx Lisa we where watching outer banks on Netflix and Schitts Creek!! Two completely different shows but awesome

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@JedsJanoskians Awww wow congratulations so happy for you!!! That’s awesome news hope u have been checking out thos…

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@heyitsorlagh @JepicHQ Wow LOVE these photos your dog is such a model and that grass looks so comfortable makes us…

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@ideksoph Well when things aren’t going the best we just stay focused on the end goal and getting to there like wha…

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@Xamyjedward26XX @JepicHQ Loving that photo of auntie Ger haha
These photos make such an impact it really does sho…

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@AlanaRockz Alana our Korean Ambassador 🙌🏼❤️ how are the Jedward relations over there 😘🙌🏼❤️

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@Erin_Grimes Maybe you should have a nap alarm set do what you can do now have a nap wake up and do more

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@TaraBrown96 Almost too late to go sleep because it’s going to be the morning soon

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@Shxuna_xx I’m like the sleep doctor all people tweet me is about sleeping and then waking up either good night or…

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@HayleyMahoneyx Oh my God Hayley that is insane Irish New York girl not able to get to her home town 😢 well thanks…

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@KatieAyyz @JepicHQ Hey Katie thank you for telling us that incredible update now we can go sleep tonight knowing t…

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@Jedscorkboy Hey Shauna that sleeping pattern could be handy for anything for other thing but I hope you get the re…

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10:23pm Apr 29 2020 —

@MelissaRudi Hey Melissa! ❤️ We have not yet but we will 100% check it out just for u! Get out super hero vibes on!…

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@chelshollywoodx @JepicHQ Just virtual hugs 😏 well we will take them! We are in your hometown miss Hollywood and it…

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@sophiekellier So when we ever tour France you gotta join us for all that translation awesomeness! Finally gonna br…

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@taraaobrienx What a look 😘 nice to see this side of you 🙌🏼 intelligent smart jepic human we Stan u and the glasses…

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@lauraJEDsmiley Vivid dreams about us 😉 …ok ok no need to say anymore u need to say your prayers 🙏🏼

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@SherryHK Omg Sherry this gives us so much hope knowing all you have been through! Super happy for u! Get that lips…

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@Zenacoyle_x Hey Zena 🤩 yeah feels awesome staying in contact with everyone! Thanks for thinking of us!! Hugs and l…

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@Jedicatedmollyx @JepicHQ Received that love with open arms thank u very much x

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@EllenGrimes_x3 OMG yeaaaaaaah this is awesome news so happy for you ❤️🥰 u deserve it 🙌🏼

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@RedJed7 This might be our look when we are around 35-40! And get a nice wind machine for effects on stage and u ca…

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@Jedscorkboy Just did come cleaning and laundry socks and pants are in full force now so much choice haha 😆

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@JedtasticLauren Happy Bday Justin cool dude and dad congrats 🙌🏼❤️

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@Xamyjedward26XX Sleeping beauty is already awake! Just your two Irish ☘️ princes stopping by kiss kiss 🤴🏼🤴🏼

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RT @planetjedward: 🎶✨I Just Wanna Lay Here and Fall Into Midnight🎶✨ #Midnight 🙌🏻Love it @LiamPayne & @Alesso

8:41pm Apr 28 2020 —

@ewaricky We will get that coffee table book going like 1000 photos of us! It’s gonna take a while but mission on haha

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@emiliaheyy The yellow matches your top love it!! Thought daffodils where a real Irish thing but nice to see them in Finland

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