Tweet Archive for July 2019

11:46am Jul 20 2019 —

Have a Jepic Weekend

11:34am Jul 20 2019 —

Guess What ? I Don’t Care
You See This Face ? It’s My ‘ I Don’t Care Face 🙂
Breaking News! I Don’t Care and
If it…

11:29am Jul 15 2019 —

Love Singing This Song Written BY Ed Sheeran can relate to it so much ps hey to all the girls who’ve come and gone…

6:08pm Jul 13 2019 —

Let’s release the fire 🔥burning deep inside it’s only natural to let our hearts ignite ❤️…

11:16pm Jul 12 2019 —

You give me pure temptation with the things you do, you’re rushing through my veins I’ll be a sinner for you 😏…

10:50pm Jul 12 2019 —

Lewis @LewisCapaldi 🙌🏼❤️ There is an opening for a 3rd member

2:26pm Jul 12 2019 —

Wish I could pack this suitcase of memories but I’m a little too late
they’ve taken over me…

10:32am Jul 12 2019 —

The truth it lingers in our bones,we know our worth that’s why we’re fighting on 🙌🏼 they’ll never tell us who we’re…

11:07pm Jul 11 2019 —

Power to the Dreamers we own the night 🙌🏼

10:14pm Jul 11 2019 —

I got the Voice of a Rebel I ain’t no saint but I soar like an angel 😇

5:44pm Jul 11 2019 —

‘Voice Of A Rebel’ The New Album By Jedward
Stream & Download Now

6:08pm Jul 10 2019 —