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2:11pm Feb 15 2019 —

Rest In Peace Mammy
You live on through us
We will miss you and your smile
You shaped the character of who we are…

10:59am Feb 15 2019 —


4:34pm Feb 12 2019 —

@Maelle1505 Wow it must be so rewarding making all those cuties look even more cute and fluffy and seeing the reactions from the owners

in reply to Maelle1505 — 7:22pm Feb 10 2019 —

@BlearsTnP Was this a dream? 😂 omg!! Omg what happening in Dublin Jade! Hope you got a cool night good vibes from Ed

in reply to BlearsTnP — 7:21pm Feb 10 2019 —

@xAKTx Why does this never get old haha 😆 love it 😍 we have a feeling this is some kind of private joke 😂

in reply to xAKTx — 7:20pm Feb 10 2019 —

@Sabi288 That looks like Charlie and the chocolate factory of sushi haha

in reply to Sabi288 — 7:19pm Feb 10 2019 —

@_LauraAndMegan Gurls 🙌🏻 can’t wait to see you soon and make some memories xxx

in reply to LauraAndMeghan — 7:18pm Feb 10 2019 —

@JEDWARDEUROPEDK So nice seeing the sparkle in your eyes Sandra 😉 Denmark 🇩🇰 needs more Jedward we will have to come and have a sleepover

in reply to xsandra92x — 7:14pm Feb 10 2019 —

@JepicDream Can’t believe it’s real!! It looks like a magical filter! 💜💙 very cool 🙌🏻

in reply to JepicDream — 7:13pm Feb 10 2019 —

@lauraJEDsmiley Yeah love the zip and the stud detail! Look at you being all stylish

in reply to lauraJEDsmiley — 7:11pm Feb 10 2019 —

@shaunabellew Well we know the most tasty snack you could get but we aren’t available in the shop and our lips taste like candy floss 😉

in reply to shaunabellew — 7:11pm Feb 10 2019 —

@oxo_aimee Love to 5sos we see A bleach blonde Jepic member

in reply to oxo_aimee — 7:09pm Feb 10 2019 —

@Julietannb @JepicHQ Awww there must be so much memories and you are such a hero for being so strong hope u had som…

in reply to Julietannb — 7:08pm Feb 10 2019 —

@TheGrimesTwins3 @JepicHQ It’s all good your body needs rest and it’s better then not being 100%

in reply to TheGrimesTwins3 — 7:07pm Feb 10 2019 —

@TheNathiJEDWARD Hey Natalie ❤️ wow so much happiness in one video love it! 😉😘 let’s make more in the near future

in reply to TheNathiJEDWARD — 7:07pm Feb 10 2019 —

@MichelleAnsah Baking cookies love it your like Bree Van de Kamp we hope Cookie Monster turns up 🍪

in reply to MichelleAnsah — 7:05pm Feb 10 2019 —

@belindacostello @JepicHQ Wow Belinda you took your time to watch it! We saw it ages ago! It’s a way different superhero movie 🍿

6:59pm Feb 10 2019 —

@HayleyMahoneyx Hey Hayley to you and your fella James 😉 hugs and kisses 😘

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@Erin_Grimes @JepicHQ Erin nothing crazy needs to happen just Knowing you got a a David Bowie T-shirt on or having…

in reply to Erin_Grimes — 5:12pm Feb 10 2019 —

@jepicrachyl It’s always such a nice catch up 💚 and we always got hugs for everyone just ask

in reply to rachyl_eliza_ — 5:11pm Feb 10 2019 —

@_w4nderlustx Awww u guys that’s insane you should get hot water bottles or something to make you fell better and i…

in reply to _w4nderlustx — 5:08pm Feb 10 2019 —

@FrozenKatherine @JepicHQ Omg we haven’t seen you in ages but we remember you so happy you got to meet Lea and Darr…

in reply to FrozenKatherine — 5:06pm Feb 10 2019 —

@RedJed7 @JepicHQ Di You seem to know a lot of cool people and this is great news! Nothing like a nice Jedward mug haha

in reply to RedJed7 — 5:04pm Feb 10 2019 —

@planetmw0nglife Wow it’s the year of the pig we love the Pet Pig that Ari grande has so cute

in reply to planetmw0nglife — 5:03pm Feb 10 2019 —

@JedsCoolHeroes We always love seeing the photos from this trip it’s like we all went on a family vacation together…

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@miss_malibu @JepicHQ So cool always found those GameBoys crazy that you could see the insides! So on trend with al…

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@Pammy_Bitch Oh my God her eyes are so cute this picture overall is pizzatastic

in reply to Pammy_Bitch — 5:00pm Feb 10 2019 —

@ItsBurtz It’s okay Berta hugs as always we see your tweets on the regular we know u cool af

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@payneftcuthbert Laura no dates have officially been announced but we have sent subliminal Messages like Spiderman

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