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🎈🎂🎁 Happy Birthday @HilaryDuff Today’s your Special Day 👏🏼 Incase You Forgot😊 So here’s to you,have some Popping Confetti 🎉🎊 J&E

9:48pm Sep 28 2016 —

This Was Fun To Do Check This Out @jtimberlake When Your Missing @britneyspears…

11:21am Sep 28 2016 —

We’ve Been Waiting 🙂 @didoofficial GET ON THAT MIC 🎤

11:01am Sep 28 2016 —

Thanks @katiemelua for being a breath of fresh air Just heard the new song this morning x

8:18am Sep 28 2016 —

.@BritneySpears is a Legend! Love From John and Edward

9:38pm Sep 27 2016 —

@zaynmalik Your looking sharp Zayn Really like the Embroidery Can we borrow it sometime ?

in reply to zaynmalik — 2:15pm Sep 27 2016 —

We’ll be Rocking London for our 25th Birthday Celebrations Concert October 16th in O2 Academy Islington Tickets Com…

12:55pm Sep 27 2016 —

1:35pm Sep 26 2016 —

@Jedhugs4Sue Pink Pink Pinky Sue!! have a nice night! we are gonna make more gifs! haha

in reply to Jedhugs4Sue — 8:44pm Sep 25 2016 —

@partofnoworld Oh yeah we can all do both!! Night night!

in reply to partofnoworld — 8:41pm Sep 25 2016 —

@jed_emily_age_6 ahhhh can’t wait Central London! 16th of Oct!! its gonna be super fun!!!

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@_w4nderlustx Nice to know that all your lipstick is going to good use! now get catching those pokemon! run run ruu…

in reply to _w4nderlustx — 8:33pm Sep 25 2016 —

@JEDHEADJULIA @SarahsJeartbeat I’m on a Boat!! and its sailing to you in Jedmany!!!

in reply to PLANETJULIA — 8:30pm Sep 25 2016 —

@TaraxMarie_ Always to the rescue we’re all Cool Heroes!! Team Jedward

in reply to Mochimjimin — 8:29pm Sep 25 2016 —

@NikkiacStarr Thank u for the singing lady gaga toothbrushes!! we can now have a party every time we brush brush

8:22pm Sep 25 2016 —

@itisamariathing Hey you guys! lets have a water fight next time we are in Sweden! whens its super hot!

in reply to itisamariathing — 8:20pm Sep 25 2016 —

@MartinaByrneeee Hi Martina! Sweet Dreamz!! Thanks for spreading those good vibes and hope! 🙂 we see it all!

8:17pm Sep 25 2016 —

@Ellenrose42 Ellen Love to everyone at your Debs tonight we’re proud of you! 🙂 🙂 have a memorable time! xXx The L…

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@ci4r4nics Rock that Job like a BOSS!! HAHA

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@Maelle1505 Makes us happy seeing u with your little dog! we know how much love u have for animals and all the happ…

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@TylerSavannahxx Rocking that Party! Don’t forget to rock that entrance!!
Foam Parties are like something in Ibiza…

in reply to TylerSavannahxx — 7:58pm Sep 25 2016 —

@mehtristxn Thinking of You! sending u zen calming vibes!

in reply to W2SFENDER — 7:54pm Sep 25 2016 —

@coconutcarr Respect and Love to You! Means a lot!

in reply to itstaramate — 7:51pm Sep 25 2016 —

@wendyjedward Wendy we have had so much awesome selfies together!
Love u for doing things like this!

in reply to wendyjedward — 7:45pm Sep 25 2016 —

@BAMHARVEY All the support and love u always show us! all the good vibes u bring we will never forget you!

in reply to BAMHARVEY — 7:44pm Sep 25 2016 —

@ParanoidAlittle This is insane 21!! happy for u! Happy Birthday Jepic Girly! Wishing u a Magical Day!

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@PlanetEmilyxx Kisses and Love always! Then and Now!

7:34pm Sep 25 2016 —

@InnocentAnniina You always need some sugar in your life! keeps everything sweet!

in reply to InnocentAnniina — 7:31pm Sep 25 2016 —

@heyitsorlagh Oh Yeah Orlagh is in the house! Surprise Surprise and happy to see you!

in reply to heyitsorlagh — 7:29pm Sep 25 2016 —

@Kima_jedicated U have two twins always John and Edward your brothers from another mother haha!

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