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8:32pm Jul 1 2020 —

@Jessi_hiccup @JepicHQ thanks so much for that ʟʋʍiηoʋs Jɛssi so kind of you to say its crazy how many people we ha…

in reply to Jessi_hiccup — 8:21pm Jul 1 2020 —

@xJameelah @JepicHQ Yes JamiIa nice to see you going around exploring like your on the national geographic channel x

in reply to xJameelah — 8:17pm Jul 1 2020 —

@o_O_MaNdY_O_o love your smile

in reply to o_O_MaNdY_O_o — 8:15pm Jul 1 2020 —

@bradiehern Loving these photos awww we all look like retro legends and they bring a big nostalgic smile seeing these miss you Bradie

in reply to bradiehern — 8:14pm Jul 1 2020 —

@belindacostello @JepicHQ Be Careful Belinda don’t get blown away 🙂 Aww but its nice to see you out and about get…

in reply to belindacostello — 8:12pm Jul 1 2020 —

@staniagrzx Amazing Stania Happy you got to take in that wonderful scenic View 😉 and share it with us x big hugs to you

in reply to staniagrzx — 8:10pm Jul 1 2020 —

@PlanetLadyVenus Love You Tatyana thanks for always popping up like a little magical Fairy when we least expect it…

in reply to PlanetLadyVenus — 8:08pm Jul 1 2020 —

@JDBIEBERFEVER96 @JepicHQ Greetings from Finland 🇫🇮🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼 Christmas there would be incredible we will get booking our flights

in reply to JDBIEBERFEVER96 — 8:43am Jul 1 2020 —

@InnocentAnniina But Then the other person can’t move cuz they might wake you up! And all u can hear is a heart bea…

in reply to InnocentAnniina — 8:42am Jul 1 2020 —

@xJameelah Oh the North Pole of the island! Make sure to send us some updates if you see anything cool! 🙌🏼😎🙌🏼 miss you so much

in reply to xJameelah — 8:41am Jul 1 2020 —

@Xamyjedward26XX Hello! Miss Amy! U are a teacher of greatness! Lesson 1 belief in your self 🙌🏼❤️

in reply to Xamyjedward26XX — 8:40am Jul 1 2020 —

@Shxuna_xx @JepicHQ I’m loving Angels 😘

in reply to Shxuna_xx — 8:39am Jul 1 2020 —

@SashaAnimator Pancakes 🥞 wow 🤩 flip those likes a professional makes us think of Mels Diner in LA! If u throw one…

in reply to SashaAnimator — 8:37am Jul 1 2020 —

@KXYO_ Jedward tweeting you! J to the E to the D to the WARD! Planetjedward 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼

in reply to KXYO_ — 8:35am Jul 1 2020 —

@FranziRob Franzi that video of you diving into the water looked like something out of a movie so scenic and wow 🙌🏼

in reply to FranziRob — 8:34am Jul 1 2020 —

@jed_emily_age_6 Wow looks like our dog blaze! It has a great home with incredible people!! Your Jepic family 🙌🏼❤️

in reply to jed_emily_age_6 — 8:33am Jul 1 2020 —

@Lumin0us1 Brid our girly!! Good morning Hugs to you!! More love and kisses to you miss u 😘

in reply to Lumin0us1 — 8:30am Jul 1 2020 —

@heyitsdawnnnx Yes Dawn Miss blue eyes and your jedward fella with blue eyes! Hope u two are cool 😎

in reply to heyitsdawnnnx — 8:27am Jul 1 2020 —

@Gerripop2 Hello you got this 🙌🏼 that work is gonna be so happy to have u back! And all the locals will be very happy to see you rock it 💕

in reply to Gerripop2 — 8:26am Jul 1 2020 —

@danielledmxo Hello angel 😇 we are all just flying around leaving trials of star dust 💫
Have a delightful wonderful tremendous day 🙌🏼

in reply to danielledmxo — 8:25am Jul 1 2020 —

@queenshaunax Looks like this day was 😘!! Major love and hugs to you Shauna have a great day rocking it in cork 🙌🏼❤️

in reply to queenshaunax — 8:22am Jul 1 2020 —

@JedtasticLauren Happy birthday to dear Lauren happy bday to you!! Wow think we all don’t feel our ages!! Have a chill great day x

in reply to JedtasticLauren — 8:20am Jul 1 2020 —

@TamW_Jepic67 Awww Tam same to you!! Good morning and love 💕 just here having some tea! The rain on me lady gaga so…

in reply to TamW_Jepic67 — 8:20am Jul 1 2020 —

@PlanetRacole Omg did u name those cute little clouds john and Ed so cute that cookie yummy

in reply to PlanetRacole — 7:36pm Jun 30 2020 —

@demicullenx @JepicHQ Demi 9 years later and we are all still smiling! It’s great to connect with people and just be there!! ❤️ 😍

in reply to demicullenx — 7:34pm Jun 30 2020 —

@Rxiii93 @JepicHQ Omg Bffs for all those years! It definitely doesn’t feel that long!! Wow oh wow haha!! Think we a…

in reply to Rxiii93 — 7:32pm Jun 30 2020 —

@Lynsey91x @JepicHQ Lynsey sounds like a very summer road trip moment u had!! Happy out of all the music in the wor…

in reply to Lynsey91x — 7:31pm Jun 30 2020 —

@xHayleyls Of course we remember like everyone that’s made an impact on our lives and been there for us! Kindness a…

in reply to xHayleyls — 7:30pm Jun 30 2020 —

@LisaHafey Wow Look at u and your golden fruit just like golden years!! 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼 have a nice night Lisa x

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